Our Staff


Vincent Daw,  daw@svgs.k12.va.us
Environmental Chemistry, Engineering I & II
Master of Science Education, Environmental Chemistry, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Bachelor of Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech

Janet Hamilton,  hamilton@svgs.k12.va.us
Molecular Biology, Scientific Research
Master of Science, Biology, James Madison University
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, College of William and Mary

Anne Jeffrey, jeffrey@svgs.k12.va.us
Masters of Arts, English, James Madison University
Bachelor of Arts, English and French, Mary Baldwin College

Susan Jenny, jenny@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry
Masters of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University

Leonard Klein, klein@svgs.k12.va.us
Advanced Technology, AP Computer Science, Introduction to Computer Science
Masters of Arts in Teaching, Chemistry, Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Hampdon-Sydney College

Cassy Maxton-Whitacre, maxton@svgs.k12.va.us
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre, Miami of Ohio

Chris Martin, martin@svgs.k12.va.us
Master of Education, Science Education, Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Virginia Tech

Jo-el Nelson, nelson@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Environmental Science, Geospatial Information System
Master of Arts, Science Education, East Carolina University
Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology, UNC- Wilmington

Kate Nesmith, nesmithk@svgs.k12.va.us
Visual Art
Master of Art, Art Education, James Madison University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art and Art Education, James Madison University

Erik Nylander, nylandere@svgs.k12.va.us
Masters of Science, Data Analytics, CUNY School of Professional Studies
Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Virginia Tech

Anthony Tyler, tylera@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Statistics, PreCalculus
Masters of Science, Mathematics, South Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Liberty University

Aiwu Zhu, zhu@svgs.k12.va.us
Modern Physics, Scientific Research, Advanced Calculus
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Tsinghua University

Jeannie Knotts, knottsj@svgs.k12.va.us
Student Experience Coordinator
Master of Arts, Counseling Education, Marshall University
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Marshall University

Paul Hildebrand, hildebrandp@svgs.k12.va.us
Communications, Humanities of Western Culture
Master of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Arts, Government, College of William & Mary

John York, yorkj@svgs.k12.va.us
Cyber Security, Software Operations
Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois

Lee Ann Whitesell, whitesell@svgs.k12.va.us
Program Director
Doctor of Education – Curriculum & Instruction, University of Virginia
Certification – Administration & Supervision K-12, Shenandoah University
Master of Education, Counseling Psychology, James Madison University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, James Madison University

Debbie Conner, conner@svgs.k12.va.us
SVGS Administrative Assistant

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