Fine Arts at SVGS


Developing our visual communication skills has been the center of the junior class’s work this fall: we are reinforcing this skill by developing visual journal entries. Some recent themes have been: A classmate portrait, Nostalgia, and practice compositions and theme ideas for their recent projects. We have been working with a variety of media and students are collaboratively developing their project prompts. They just completed a piece addressing the idea of suffering, and focusing on using a range of darks & lights, and unusual composition.



The senior class has been working diligently on their AP Breadth portfolio section: this is often the most challenging part of the course, as they are dealing with a wide variety of subjects, art materials, AND themes. It is exciting to see the results of their hard work, and to guide them through the process of refining their “visual voice.”


Art History is been moving quickly through the millennia – we started in the prehistoric era, and have made our way up to the pre-Greek Civilizations of Minos & Mycenae. So far, we’ve built a site for religious rituals in “stone” (packing peanuts), created an infographic on a famous Egyptian, tried fresco painting, and are currently working on a funerary mask using the repousse technique. We’re looking forward to learning about the Ancient Greeks, Etruscans & Roman Civilizations.

This year, students have their choice in foci for the crafts & skills courses. Options so far have included Advanced Printmaking, Digital Photography, Jewelry Making, and Soft Pastel. Our students enjoy working with local artists from around the area!


DC Field Trip to National Portfolio Review Event & Torpedo Factory Art Center. Saturday November 17, 2018 6AM-10PM.

Women’s Rotary of Augusta Annual Art Contest. Submissions due in January 2019.

Saturday, February 2, 2019: Opening Reception for SVGS Annual Winter Art Show 5-7PM @ the Shenandoah Valley Art Center in Waynesboro, VA.
Artwork is on view February 2-23, 2019!


Please visit the SVGS Visual Art Program’s new website for information on Scholarship Opportunities available to our students!